ENV Surveys Ltd


• To define a systematic process for ensuring that ‘Customer care’ is an adopted approach when dealing with members of the public or professional customers.

• To ensure that there is a structured measure of an individual employees ‘Customer care’ ethos.

• To ensure that positive & negative Customer care feedback is documented company wide.

• To ensure that we distribute annual customer satisfaction surveys.

• To ensure that all employees deal with all customers in a courteous and professional manner at all times (See below)


All employees of ENV Surveys Ltd. must:

– Be courteous

– Be polite & considerate

– Be patient & flexible with clients and customer demands.

– Be presentable and tidily dressed at all times.

– Not smoke on site

– Adhere to all appointments promptly.

– Introduce themselves politely when attending site.

– Listen to customer needs & feedback specific requests.

– Take accountability of requested tasks.

– Keep the customer informed

– Provide a quality service

– Liaise efficiently & effectively with colleagues

– Deliver a service that ‘exceeds our customers expectations’

– Attend monthly team briefs and management meetings.

– Escalate & encourage complaints through the given process.



These procedures will be monitored as said above but it is expected that the individual employees use their necessary skill set to ensure at all times the customer’s best interest are taken as priority. In the event of a dissatisfied customer the appropriate escalation procedures should be followed whilst encouraging a formal complaint which will be followed up in the set procedure.